24 Hour Fitness: How To Stay Fit All Day Long

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24 Hour Fitness: How To Stay Fit All Day Long

We all get 24 hours in every day, but only a handful of us are making the most of it.

Think 24 hour fitness and you can get on track to a healthier and fitter body. Fact is, while what you do in the gym matters, the gym only accounts for about 1 hour out of your day.

To see real results, you want to start paying more attention to what you are doing the other 23 hours. Let’s walk you through what a 24 hour fitness day would look like.

Upon WakingDeep Breathing Exercises

First thing in the morning upon waking, begin your day with some deep breathing exercises. This will help to naturally wake up the body while ensuring that your brain and muscles are getting enough oxygen.

Sit up in bed, allow some natural daylight to sneak in, and take 5-10 deep breaths. You’ll be amazed at how much more energy you have.

Before Breakfast

Before breakfast strikes, it’s the perfect time to get in some light activity. Head out and take a brisk 10 minute walk around the block. It’ll help clear your mind for the day ahead and kick-start your metabolism for maximum fat burning.

Mid-Morning24 Hour Fitness

As the mid-morning period hits, keep your 24 hour fitness goal going. Whenever you have to use the bathroom, try hitting one on a floor above you, taking the stairs to get there.

Or, if you have to relay a message to a co-worker, get up and deliver it rather than hitting that send button on your email.

Add more movement to your day and it’ll all add up.


Your lunch break is the perfect time for another brisk walk. Meet a co-worker and walk to a café for lunch that’s 20 minutes away. Walk there and back, taking the other 20 minutes for a light lunch.

It’ll give you fresh air and you’ll find when you return to the office, you’re that much more focused and productive.


The mid-afternoon slump is something that gets many people down, but it doesn’t have to.

Focus on doing some light stretches come 3 pm for all your main muscle groups. Get up out of your desk and move around a little while you do it and you can combat that fatigue feeling you normally get.

After WorkIntense Weight Lifting Exercises

After work it’s gym time. This will be the most intense part of your 24 hour fitness day so give it all you’ve got.

Push yourself with some interval training or intense weight lifting exercises.

After Dinner

Once home and dinner is made, use this time to do some leisure activities with your family. Go out for a bike ride, take a gentle walk around with your significant other, or play some catch in the back yard.

Just do something that gets you up off the couch for a little while before retiring for the night.

Before BedHow To Medidate

Finally, right before bed, consider meditation to finish off your 24 hour fitness day. Meditation, while not a physical exercise, is a great brain boosting exercise that can help improve many areas of your health while boosting your mood and motivation as well.

See all the healthy and fit steps you can take throughout the day to optimize your health and well-being? Now ask yourself, how many of these are you including in your own life? It might be time

Now ask yourself, how many of these are you including in your own life? It might be time to bring a few more into play. : – )

P.S: Are you eating healthy Foods ?

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